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300,000 AETs have been snapped up!

At 10:00 on July 25, ESM members finally celebrated the moment they had been waiting for the official launch of Asia Ecology Token (AET).

According to the ESM market, the AET/ACU trading pair is now available. On July 25th 2022 at 10:00a.m, AET officially listed with an opening price of 1.1ACU, and then continued to surge, up nearly 100 times, to a maximum of 83.14ACU during the rush period after half an hour, followed by a short retracement.

As the supply of AETs available decreased, members could no longer buy AETs, and the rush to buy them declined, and the price of AETs followed the brief dip.

At 11:00 a.m., the price of AETs rose again, and by 11:45 a.m., 300,000 AETs were officially sold out, and the price stabilized at around 60ACU, nearly 60 times higher than the listing price.

According to the official announcement, during the first three days of the AET’s listing, the daily quota of 300,000 AETs, 400,000 AETs, 500,000 AETs for sale, tomorrow will be online at 10:00 a.m. for 400,000 AETs, participating members should seize the priority opportunity to purchase AET to avoid the dilemma of not being able to buy.

In addition, the first three days of AET online purchase privileges are only open to VIP members and Black Diamond Members, the maximum amount of VIP members can buy is 8 AETs, Black Diamond members can buy the maximum amount of 16 AETs, users with investment needs to quickly top up to become ESM members to enjoy priority purchase rights and interests, and to seize the investment opportunity.

Investors who have invested in digital currencies for a long time understand that in the field of digital currencies, early investors are more likely to get higher returns. In return for the long-term support of the majority of ESM members, as the first and exclusive online platform for AET, ESM upgraded the membership rights and benefits provided exclusive services to members, and opened a special priority investment channel for AET for platform members.

According to the official rules, currently ESM members can join the AET Member Rewards Program (MRP) and can enjoy more rewards, discounts or other special incentive benefits from the AET community, so hurry up and register to become a member via your phone.

After registering and logging in to ESM, click on your profile in the upper left corner, look for “Member Center” and select “Open Membership” or “Open Diamond Membership” according to your needs. After registering, you can enjoy the rights and benefits of priority purchasing, and you can also enjoy a variety of membership rights and benefits such as 20% discount on fees and airdrop of quality token projects.

AET members who did not get AET on the first day can open immediately to enjoy the benefits of membership. There are 900,000 AETs are waiting for community members to purchase and enjoy through the exclusive purchase rights. In the future, ESM and AET Membership Rewards Program will provide more exclusive benefits for members and continue to create exclusive rights and benefits for members.

About Asia Ecology Token AET

AET, issued by the AET Foundation, is the governance and utility token of ACU. ACU aims to build a global digital financial ecology on blockchain. ACU aims to build a global digital financial ecosystem and infrastruture as well as a global token based economy.