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AET starts buyback

AET soars 100 times in its first two days online

The project side starts buyback

The highly anticipated cryptocurrency AET was officially launched on July 25th 2022.

The AET public chain is committed to becoming the world’s first financial application payment public chain, providing a blockchain ecosystem with leading performance, security and efficiency.

AET public chain payment TPS can reach 50,000 transactions, and the upper limit is even as high as 80,000-100,000 transactions to ensure efficient global payment.

The AET public chain officially launched, and participants can read data, send confirmation transactions and complete for bookkeeping in the system at any time, etc. The AET public chain implements three consensus mechanisms, is highly decentralized, and the transaction data is open and transparent, effectively safeguarding users’ data security, realizing the anonymity of the transaction process and protecting users’ privacy at the highest level.

The AET public chain adopts three basic community incentive consensus mechanisms, namely: POW, POS and DPOS, to stimulate the community from different dimensions.

POW (Proof-of-Work) incentive consensus mechanism is allocated according to work, which is based on the workload of the community;

POS (Proof-of-Stake) incentive consensus mechanism is allocated according to capital, which is based on the number of passes;

DPOS (Delegated Proof of Stake) incentive consensus mechanism is authorized rights and interests, which is based on the number of passes held. Voting election. Through the diversified community incentive mechanism to stimulate the community members to build enthusiasm, gain revenue and continuously grow the community.

Investors were exceptionally interested in the AET incentive consensus mechanism’s capital-based revenue rights, and the price of AET’s revenue rights quickly soared to a high of 212.2ACU after its launch, gaining as much as 200X. The soaring price demonstrates investors’ confidence in the AET global payment public chain and their recognition of AET’s future revenue growth. In view of investors’ optimism, the project decided to make a partial buyback of AET. All the repurchased AET Tokens were repurchased at current price. In this way, community members can see the strength of the project team.