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Boosting Value AET Opens Buyback

Recently, AET investors have been well pleased because the price of AET has been hitting all time highs. In order to stabilize the price and continuously increase the value of AET, ACU Group started the second round of AET buyback.

On July 25 2022, this year, AET was officially launched on ESM, with an opening price of 1ACU. Due to the overwhelming rush, the price of AET grew doubled a hundred times in just two days, reaching a peak of 212.2ACU. In accordance with the established rules, the platform conducted a buyback of AET, with a total of 700,000 units. After the first buyback, AET was relaunched and continued to set new all-time highs. Now, four months after AET’sits launch, the price of AET has soared more than 700 times from its opening price, and early investors have already reaped superb returns. In order to increase the value of AET, ACU Group launched the second buyback of AET on November 21st 2022 with a buyback price of 92.66USDT

Currently, AET is still in the buyback period, and the re-launch date has not yet been confirmed. Investors who are interested in continuing to invest in AET can continue to pay attention to the official news so that they do not miss the excellent opportunity to continue to enjoy high returns by investing in AET.

The AET community believes that the current value of the AET is greatly undervalued, so it initiated a buyback in the hopes of giving the AET more room for value appreciation and using the buyback to keep the price of the AET rising in the long run, increasing the value of the AET and turning the AET into a global financial infrastructure in the global pass-through economy. AETs will become a global financial infrastructure in the global securities economy and will shine in the metaverse era.

The core concept of AET is an evidence-based economy, through the design of the economic model, the income of the economy is distributed to different ecosystem partners.  The crucial goal of the economic model is to be a stable and growing source of income so as to inject continuous vitality into the economy. 

The key to the success of AET lies in the community governance of AET.The AET Foundation established AET with  the hopes of building an autonomous, independent, open and fair community AET ecosystem. AET community is dedicated to Eestablisha global block chain network value distribution system with AET as the core, and establishing a community governance system for the global flow of AET. The AET Foundation has a strong community consensus and AET holders are the true owners of the AET community, which is a community-based business organization where AET holders govern, share and build together. 

AET’s pass-through economy and community governance will become one of the important factors in the era of Web3 and metaverse. Only when the ecology of AET is well built and the pass-through economy is well developed, it is possible to welcome the new era of metaverse.

Buyback is a way for AET to seek long-term good development. With the help of the AET buyback, we can attract more ambitious investors to join the AET community. Only the long-term and stable development of the AET community will continue to contribute to the value of AET and ultimately fulfill the mission of AET.