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ESM Will Launch A Biomedical Token Soon

ESM welcomes the first new project – Legendary Biotechnology (LB).

According to the official release, ESM will officially launch LB in the near future. It is reported that Legendary Biotechnology (LB) is a basic pass issued by LB Foundation based on the results of LB’s global biomedical research. The LB Foundation’s global business center is based in Asia. The total maximum number of LB passes issued is 100 million passes. The issue price is 1 LB = 0.5 USDT. The first two days of LB’s launch are in the form of limited sales, with 5 million released on the first day, 10 million on the second day, and the rest of the tokens will be released for sale from the third day onwards, with purchase rights open to all users.

Currently, humanity is at a crossroads where the traditional Internet and the emerging metaverse era meet, and the world is participating in building a metaverse foundation. The rise of the metaverse provides a new opportunity for the development of the pass-through economy. The metaverse requires distributed databases, cryptography, edge computing and other underlying technologies, etc. 

The pass-through economy is also one of the important elements of the metaverse. LB Foundation is also one of the builders of the metaverse. LB will introduce the Web3.0 model in the global biomedical research field, combining advanced metaverse foundation technologies such as the pass-through economy and blockchain technology with biomedical research, and eventually building a metaverse in the biomedical field.

In order to promote the development of the pass economy and build the metaverse foundation, LB Foundation and ESM Meta-Loop decided to launch the LB pass on ESM Meta-Loop immediately, giving global users the opportunity to obtain LB passes and become an early investors in the biomedical metaverse. 

The Australian AUSTRAC license is regulated by the Australian Securities Commission. At the same time, ESM also holds a US MSB license and a Canadian MSB license, which allows it to conduct business in many countries around the world. After 5 years of accumulation, ESM Place has a huge user base worldwide and, with the strong support of its members, has successfully launched a number of explosive projects such as ACU, ACUG and AET, which are warmly sought after by users. This time, ESM will also make use of its own advantages to quickly promote LB passes globally, so that more users around the world can enjoy the benefits of the pass economy in advance.

If you are also a builder of metaverse and Web 3.0; if you have a quality project that needs to be promoted to the world, please contact ESM. ESM will quickly empower your dream to be a reality. ESM welcomes everyone to build up the pass economy and build up the metaverse together.