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AET witnesses the Legend of ARGYLE Diamonds

Recently, ACU Group and Leibish formally reached a strategic cooperation that agree to use their best efforts and leverage the networks to expand the cooperation level and territory, in order to achieve win-win development for both sides.

For 37 mesmerizing years, Australia’s legendary Argyle mine has held the world captive by producing breathtaking pink, red, violet and blue diamonds. However, in 2020, this story came to an end for all time. The mine has given up their last captivating works of art as the mine ceased production.

Now the Argyle story belongs to history. LEIBISH brings this pinnacle of diamond production together in THE PINK SUNSET COLLECTION, a carefully curated array of some of the best of Argyle mine’s storied jewels. Each stone unique, each one laying claim to a never to be told story again for all eternity. THE PINK SUNSET COLLECTION pays tribute to the final curtain going down on 4 decades of the world’s most unexpected, exciting diamond story.

With this formal cooperation between ACU Group and Leibish, AET will officially join the Leibish trading platform and become an option for electronic payment on the platform. Customers can purchase Leibish jewellery products by paying AET on the Leibish platform. With the help of blockchain technology, the electronic currency AET completes the circulation payment on Leibish through the AET public chain, which not only ensures the security of user assets, but also more convenient and fast.

AET public chain is jointly developed by ACU Group. Since its establishment in 2019, ACU Group has been committed to the technical research and application promotion of electronic currency, and has successfully operated ACU, becoming the world’s leading blockchain company. In the past three years, the technical team of ACU Group has developed the AET public chain of financial payment application, and has achieved cooperative promotion in major countries and regions around the world such as Thailand and Malaysia. With the gradual implementation of AET, Leibish has taken the lead in becoming the “Pioneer” for AET to realize payment and circulation on luxury trading platforms, further expanding the scope of AET circulation, expanding the field of AET trading, and making AET public chain about to reach the leading position of the world’s first financial payment application.