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The Debut of Asia Ecology Token AET is Officially Launched Today

The Asia Ecology Token $AET officially launched on ESM today.

Both top-up and withdrawal channels are now open so hurry up and login to ESM to grab it.

According to the roadmap, during the first three days of the official launch of $AET (i.e. July 25-27), the AET buying channel is only opened to ESM members, who have the priority to buy.  In addition, the number of $AETs that can be bought by different levels of ESM members differs, with the maximum amount of $AETs that can be purchased by ESM VIPs being 8 and the maximum amount of $AETs that can be purchased by Black Diamond VIPs being 16.

To celebrate the launch of $AET and to reward to our members, ACU is running two campaigns to attract more members into the ACU community. The campaigns have officially started and will last until September 30th, 2022. So, gather your friends to win millions of rewards together!

During the campaign period, if you successfully recruit new VIP members of ESM, you can get 20% membership fee bonus, i.e. 200ACU, and there is no ceiling on the number of recruited members. The number of members is not limited and there is no cap on the recruitment bonus.

According to the rules of the group puzzle game campaign, new members who buy 10 $AETs or more can participate in the AET group puzzle activity.

For every triangle puzzle completed by a group member, the group leader will be rewarded with a family puzzle and the group with the most completed puzzles will also receive additional value rewards. Community members have two months to participate in these wonderful campaigns so, invite your friends along to play and win together a 10 million AET reward pool.

As a show of appreciation to the AET members for their continuous support of AET and ESM, ACU is offering exclusive benefits for AET members. A series of activities such as AET members’ exclusive priority privileges and membership puzzle rewards are part of the AET Membership Rewards Program (MRP).

As the exclusive first launch platform of AET, ESM members enjoy AET whitelist privilege and the rights and benefits of AET MRP. MRP is one of the core components of the AET ecosystem and will support the AET ecosystem to continue to develop and grow globally. The MRP is a unique loyalty program of the AET Foundation. MRP provides rewards, discounts, and other special incentives to members and is designed to continually enrich the value of membership. All eligible members can participate in the AET ecosystem by joining the AET Membership Rewards Program. Now, you can join the AET Membership Rewards Program by becoming an ESM member.

Download the app to complete your registration.

How to buy $AET?

To invest in $AET, follow the 3-step process:

1. Download ESM APP.

Scan the QR code to download the ESM app

2. Complete the registration.

After successful download, register and login

3. Become a member and get exclusive access more chances to win millions of rewards.

After completing the registration, click the profile picture on the top left corner of the home page to enter into the “Member Center” and sign up for  the membership/diamond memberships.

About Asia Ecology Token AET EcoSystem

AET, issued by the AET Foundation, is the governance and utility token of ACU. ACU aims to build a global digital financial ecology on blockchain.