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Is Now The Time To Join The LB Train?

Bitcoin’s price has fallen slightly since its recent peak, but the “re-blooding” of Bitcoin has heated up the entire crypto market, and investors are looking for the right time to enter.

After researching the recently popular AI concept, and new coins launched on major exchanges like Coinan and OKX. I stumbled across LB, which has only been available for a week, on ESM.

According to ESM, LB has already multiplied five times in the first week of its launch, outperforming nearly all new coins. After reviewing the ESM announcement, we discovered that there was a pre-sale of 15 million LB tokens two days before launch. All of which were purchased by investors. These investors’LB holdings have already increased 5 times in value if they purchased the LB at 0.1U when it was first released.

It’s reasonable that the currency’s value increased during the lock-up. However, the price of LB keeps rising after the limit is reached. Since February 6, the price of LB has nearly doubled. According to the K-line chart, LB has completed four rounds of significant increases, and the trend is very similar, with the price falling slightly after a period of increase, then increasing again, and then falling again. The LB is currently in stable oscillation, with the price fluctuating above and below 0.54U. According to the LB trend, a market maker may be using a bulldozer to drive up the price of LB.

When a market maker uses a mechanism to raise the price, the price rises with a certain slope, and there are a large number of buy orders. The market maker who employs the pull up technique is, in general, more powerful. In order to raise the price for small investors, the market maker employs the bulldozer technique. You can easily profit in a wave if you enter the market during a price drop and exit after the price rises.

LB’s strength is also well evidenced. A search for more LB content on the internet reveals that, prior to the launch of LB, an advertisement for a month-long punch card campaign was promoted on Beijing Metro Line 10. Such a large marketing campaign, but no attention was paid to it. It appears that the LB token is still clearly a hidden gem.

Looking at the LB trend, it is almost certain that the price of LB will rise. Many users in the ESM community believe that the LB price will reach 1U in the near future, and if it does so in this month, investors who bought it at the start will have made ten times as much. Such earnings are significant. 

LB is currently a delicate tiny plate that could be targeted by large investors, a vicious rob market, or a burst pull. Before the price of the LB appears to rise significantly, it can be said that any price of the LB represents a good opportunity to enter.  Once LB reaches the investors’ estimated value of 1U, many speculate that the price will increase further.