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LB Official Launched on February 2nd 2023

At present, LB has confirmed its official launch of ESM on February 2nd, 2023. In anticipation of the launch of LB, ESM has launched a wave of marketing activities.

How to get LB at the first time of launch? how to invest in LB? and how to use LB launch to get the first wave of wool? Want to grasp the first moon in 2023? please take this note of this strategy.

The first step is to complete the registration. LB is exclusively the first online ESM, investors need to download ESM in advance before grabbing LB (scan the QR code below to download) and complete the registration as prompted by the system.

*Registration benefits.

①. 50 USDT bonus for new users registering at this time (this bonus can only be used 24 hours after the user has made a one-time deposit of 500 USDT and successfully purchased LB).

②. New users who invite others to register will receive 10 USDT (the invitee must register successfully and buy LB successfully, this reward will be issued to the account of at the beginning of each month in the form of a monthly settlement).

The LB issue price is 1 LB = 0.1 USDT, and the first two days of the launch are in the form of a limited sales, with 5 million LB released on the first day, 10 million LB  released on the second day, and unlimited sale from the third day onwards. The maximum supply is 100 million LB will be issued in total and will never be increased. Investors can prepare sufficient funds according to the market and investment wishes, and top up to ESM to ensure that they can buy enough LB. In addition, ESM is currently holding a year-end membership fee promotion, VIP membership fee is only 88 USDT, compared to the previous membership fee of 200 USDT. This is a good time to take advantage of the membership fee offer. You can enjoy a variety of rights and benefits such as priority purchase rights and discounted fees by becoming a member of ESM. Scan the QR code below to join the community, learn more about the benefits and get first-hand news of the platform.


*Membership Rewards.

①. 20 USDT for new registered users who purchase VIP membership (valid once only).

②. Users who invite others to become VIP members will receive a 40% bonus from the ESM platform (the bonus will be paid at the beginning of each month to the account on a monthly basis, and the invitation relationship is limited to one level).

③. Members enjoy preferential withdrawal fees (1 USDT withdrawal fee for the TRC20 channel; 20 USDT withdrawal fee for the ERC20 channel).

④. Trading commission bonus (members enjoy a 40% bonus of the trading commission of invited persons, and the bonus will be issued to the account of at the beginning of each month in the form of a monthly settlement)

The third step: wait for February 2nd, 2023 to purchase LB. After completing the top-up, basically, all the preparations for purchasing LB have been completed, you only need to purchase LB on February 2, the first time it goes online. At present, the LB community is recruiting, please consult the ESM platform for specific details.

As 2023 begins, Bitcoin is on the rise again and ESM is seeing its first new pass.
Don’t miss this opportunity.