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LB Price Soars With Help from the Beijing Metro Marketing Campaign

New Spring Weather, Ride on Beijing Metro Line 10, LB Price Hits All Time Highs

This morning, the bitcoin price reached a new high in the last six months. According to the ESM platform, Bitcoin reached a high of $24,914 at 8:00 a.m. before falling slightly and currently oscillating around $24,600. This surge in Bitcoin’s value was predicted. There was never a pause in the market for Bitcoin to continue rising during its fall from above $24,000 to $21,000. Now, the prices of bitcoin, ethereum, and even the entire cryptocurrency market are rising amid investor expectations, and the price of LB is also rising  simultaneously with bitcoin.

According to the ESM platform, LB began to rise sharply at around 13:00 on February 15, officially launching a new round of LB upward market, reaching a new record high of 0.6U at 18:30, then fell slightly, and LB is currently oscillating narrowly around 0.591U.

LB prices have reached record highs, fueled by the marketing campaign on the Beijing Metro Line 10, and prior to  LB’s launch, Beijing Metro Line 10 ran a month-long LB body advertisement to promote LB’s launch. The campaign had a reach of more than 10 million metro passengers. Line 10, the “Great Circle Line,” is currently the network’s traffic leader, carrying nearly 1.5 million passengers daily, according to official data. With such a large passenger flow, LB has received unprecedented large-scale “exposure” on Line 10, and the LB subway punch card activity also received enthusiastic participation from users. According to the event organizer’s statistics, the LB metro line 10 punch card activity has announced a total of four winners, with a total of 40 winners and 2,240U rewards distributed.

LB has recorded 6X growth in half a month since its launch, thanks to a series of marketing campaigns such as the Beijing Metro Line 10 punch card campaign, membership fee reduction, membership and premium user reward activities. On February 2, LB launched ESM Yuan LeFang exclusively with an opening price of 0.1U. LB used a pre-sale campaign two days before the launch, and 15 million LB were purchased almost immediately  The limited sale LB was snapped up in a very short time, and the price soared from 0.1U to nearly 0.3U, a nearly threefold increase. On February 6, the price of LB jumped from 0.28U to 0.37U, achieving a jump, followed by a slight downward shock; on the 7th, LB jumped from 0.33U to 0.4U, completing a “double jump”. “two consecutive jumps,” slightly down; 8, LB from 0.39U to 0.49U, to complete “three consecutive jumps,” and a small oscillation day; 9, LB from 0.47U to 0.53U, to complete four days “four consecutive jumps,” the price doubled. So far, the price of LB has multiplied by 5 times in one week. After,  LB oscillated narrowly between 0.52U-0.55U for several days before starting to rise again on the 15th, achieving a 6x increase. LB’s incredible price increased outperformed the majority of newly listed coins, and it deserves to be the first wealth code of 2023.

LB is the result of a collaboration between biomedical research and Web 3. The LB community wishes to establish itself in the context of the Web 3 era. LB’s ecosystem is a virtuous self-developing and evolving ecosystem in which participants can build, share and co-exist together. 

The market stabilized after a brief period of volatility, and the overall recovery has begun. LB has surged to all-time highs on several occasions, followed by brief adjustments. LB  has now resumed its upward trend. Each smooth shakeout of LB may be a rare opportunity for investors to add positions.   The future upside of LB is worth anticipating based on the development of LB and the previous market trends.