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LB Public Launch: 5 Million LB Tokens Sold Out in an Instant

According to the latest official announcement, LB was officially opened for trading on ESM platform at 10:00 today. With the enthusiastic participation of the majority of users, the 5 million LB tokens has been sold out so far.

At 10:00 on February 2, LB was officially opened for trading with an opening price of 0.1 USDT. Half an hour after the opening of the sale, all 5 million LBs were sold out. According to ESM quotes, LB is now at 0.18U, up 81%. At 10:00 tomorrow, ESM will put 10 million LBs online, so investors are urged to grab them in time.

In November 2022, ESM Place started recruiting quality projects to be located in order to meet the different needs of users. During the recruitment period, ESM discovered LB, a biomedical pass, and the two sides reached a consensus on the pass economy, believing that the pass economy will become the next generation of Internet digital economy, which led to the debut of LB, a biomedical pass, on ESM at this time. Now, LB has also received strong support from the majority of users, and in a very short period of time, the first launch of 5 million LB tokens was sold out. Investors who wanted to buy the first release of LB tokens but who were unsuccessful must seize the opportunity to buy tomorrow.

LB is a basic pass-through based on the proceeds of LB Global Biomedical Research. According to the characteristics of the pass-through economy, a standard pass-through economy must have a certain number of nodes, and each node has equal status, shares obligations, shares the growth of the platform, and is a community of destiny in the truest sense. The LB community will be a modern community shared and built by all members in the context of Web 3.0 era. The early builders of LB have devoted themselves to building the LB ecosystem, pushing forward the development of LB and increasing the value of LB, while the participants have also gained greater returns from the growth of LB value.

Currently, the LB community is recruiting. If you are interested in building LB biomedical passwords, exploring the Web3 community model, and building a new economic system of sharing and building together …… and have a high-quality community of 10 million active users, and accurate investment users, scan the QR code below and get in touch with ESM.

About LB 

LB (known as Legendary Biotechnology) is a foundation pass issued by the LB Foundation, which operates globally with a focus on Asia, based on the proceeds of LB Global Biomedical Research, a Web 3 model that combines biomedical technology with emerging fintech technologies to officially launch LB. The maximum supply of LBs issued is 100 million LB tokens.