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LB – The Next Wave of Wealth Creation

When Elon Musk tops the world’s richest man list, and Zhao Changpeng is among the world’s richest list. We should be more aware that in this new era: the main way of wealth creation is no longer physical and chemical methods to process the earth’s resources, but mainly through the knowledge economy, information economy, financial economy, and service economy, more than one economic form to create wealth.

For you, the next opportunity to create wealth maybe with the LB community. At present, LB is recruiting mature communities, channels, teams, and community leaders.

LB community will build a new form of community in the Web 3 era, which is a new economic system built and shared by users and builders, in which users are the center, contributors, and profiteers of the system. It is no exaggeration to say that if you master the LB community, you hold the “lifeline” of the LB ecosystem and have the absolute “right to speak” of the LB ecosystem.

A pass is a carrier of value, and its value attribute comes from the recognition of its value backer’s credit by the pass ecosystem, i.e. community consensus. For the pass economy, the measure of its value is not the so-called maximization of shareholders’ interests, but the maximization of the overall market value and interests of all stakeholders in the pass economy, and the maximization of the value of the pass. 

LB community members are not only participants and builders of the LB ecosystem, but also investors, owners, and value sharers of LB. LB early builders devote their efforts to building the LB ecosystem, continuously promoting LB development and increasing LB value, while participants get greater returns from LB value growth.

LB as a kind of pass has its own value. The total number of LB passes issued is 100 million, which will never be increased, and the issue price is 1 LB = 0.1 USDT. LB will be launched on ESM soon, and the first two days of the launch will be in the form of limited sales, with 5 million units released on the first day, 10 million units released on the second day, and unlimited sales from the third day onwards, opening the purchase privilege to all users. The investment return will be higher and higher as the value of LB grows.

Any financial investment that makes a lot of money, in the long run, must be guaranteed by its intrinsic motivation. The intrinsic motivation for LB’s high return is the LB community. LB is recruiting mature communities, channels, teams, and community leaders to build the LB ecosystem. If you are interested in building LB biomedical passwords, exploring the Web3 community model together, and creating a new economic system for common building and sharing, and if you happen to have a high-quality community of 10 million active members, and precise investment users, scan the QR code below to get in touch with ESM quickly and seize this opportunity to take off your wealth. ESM LB will provide you with a generous reward to help you quickly dig the first bucket of gold in your life.