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LB’s Metro Line 10 Campaign Sets the Momentum

LB’s momentum is similar to that of the current explosive drama “Rampage,” which jumped six times in half a month after its release. Since marketing campaign on the Beijing Metro Line 10 train, the LB price has been soaring

The current price of LB is 0.599U, up 0.33%, according to the ESM Yuanlefang market. For nearly 24 hours, LB has been oscillating around the price of 0.59U, and at 18:30 on Feb. 15, the price of LB surged to its all time high at 0.6U, before falling to near 0.59U, where it oscillated slightly. LB at 0.59U is still a good time for investors to get on board, based on the previous trend and market predictions.

On February 2, LB made its debut on ESM with an opening price of 0.1U. LB has experienced a 6X increase in half a month since its launch. Let’s take a closer look at the LB trend to see how it increased sixfold and how the price “jumped four levels” in four days. LB used pre-sale strategy two days before the launch, and a total of 15 million pieces were sold. The allocation of pre-sale LB tokens was snapped up in a very short time, and the price soared from 0.1U to nearly 0.3U, achieving a threefold increase. Afterwards, LB  In the following four days, LB demonstrated a perfect “four-jump,” and on February 6, LB price rose from near 0.28U to 0.37U, completing a “jump,” then fell slightly; on February 7, LB price rose from near 0.33U to near 0.4U, completing a “two-jump,” then fell slightly. “, fell slightly again; on the 8th, LB rose from 0.39U to 0.49U, achieving a “triple jump,” and then a slight shock for a day; on the 9th, LB rose from 0.47U to 0.53U, completing a four-day “quadruple jump,” the price doubled. So far, LB has been available on ESM for a week and has achieved 5 times growth. Currently, LB is oscillating narrowly between 0.52U.

Today, LB’s momentum may have started with the marketing campaigns Beijing Metro Line 10. The Beijing Metro Line 10 is the second circular metro line in Beijing and has the highest passenger volume in the Beijing metro system, passing through Haidian District, Fengtai District, and Chaoyang District. This marketing campaign was a successful introduction of LB to the Beijing public. To commemorate the launch of LB, the organizer held a campaign to punch the LB card on Subway Line 10. The campaign was also well received by users. The organizer received numerous entries on the statistics platform from users who engaged in the campaign. At the end of the campaign, the organizer chose 40 winners and awarded them a total of $2,240 U. The exposure of LB advertisements on Line 10, helped LB increase its brand awareness, and gain the attention of potential investors – causing the price of LB to skyrocket today.

Prior to the launch, LB advertised on  Metro Line 10 train to attract more passengers and potential investors. In the future, LB will leverage on this campaign by riding converting potential investors into LB ecosystem participants. These LB ecosystem participants will collaborate with LB to build a new type of community in the context of the Web3 era, promote the development of the pass-through economy, and eventually develop and grow an inclusive and harmonious web3 ecosystem.