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Member Rewards Upgrade AET Constructs New Rules for Internet Ecology

The AET’s Membership Rewards Program has been continuously giving back more and more benefits to AET Community members so that AET Community members can truly become the masters of the Digital World.

In mid-August, the AET Membership Rewards Program took it up a notch. ESM members are now able to purchase 15 AETs per day, while the membership fee is increased to 1,588 ACU; Black Diamond members can purchase 35 AETs per day, and the membership fee is increased to 15,888 ACU. 

The ACU Team wanted to give more value to members. Hence, even though members need to pay a slightly higher membership fee than before, now, the daily limit of AETs purchased has also increased significantly. According to the recent trend of AET, the upgraded membership system will bring higher returns for members investing in AET.

One clear benefit to this enhanced AET Membership offer is that members will receive an increase in earnings. Since the AET launch, the price of AET has been climbing steadily.

On July 25th,  AET was officially launched on the ESM Elysium Exchange with an opening price of 1 ACU, and now, the price of AET has exceeded 600 ACU, early investors have already earned incredibly high returns. 

With the expansion of AET’s “territory” around the world, the price will be higher and higher, and after the upgrade of ESM, members can invest in more AETs and get higher investment returns.

The AET deposit plan will be officially launched soon, so sign up as an ESM member and wait to earn higher returns.

The AET Membership Rewards Program is member-centric and supplemented by the rules and regulations of the AET community. In the AET community, AET members are the contributors and beneficiaries of the ACU Community DAO. 

With the development of blockchain technology, users can create a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) Data is stored in a distributed database, owned and managed by DAO members. 

Benefits of the ACU DAO are: 

  1. Community Governance.
  2. Input in Product Development

Become a member of ESM and join the ACU DAO today!