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Numerous Reasons to Invest in LB: Marketing Campaign Begins with Beijing Subway Trains

On February 2nd 2023, LB will officially launch for trading on ESM. On the opening day of trading, LB will be limited to 5 million units, so users with investment needs must be ready to get their funds and participate in the rush.

To prepare for the launch of LB, LB and ESM have launched multiple marketing campaigns such as a co-marketing with the Beijing subway line 10 punch card and membership fee reduction, each of which has been warmly received by users. Just in time for this wave of Bitcoin’s rise, LB may be the first winning crypto story of 2023.

Reason 1: LB is bound to take off with the momentum

As we enter 2023, the price of Bitcoin has been rising continuously. According to the ESM quotes, bitcoin was around $16,000 on January 1, and by now, the price has broken through $20,000 and is hovering around $23,000. The rise of Bitcoin has brought great confidence and vitality to the market, and at this time, the LB launch has also received wide attention from investors in the industry. With this wave of rebound in the Bitcoin and crypto market, the newly launched LB will become the first investment target for investors in the New Year, gaining ground with the rising market trend.

Reason 2: LB has its own value

LB is called Legendary Biotechnology and is issued by LB Foundation, which is a basic pass based on the results of LB Global Biomedical Research. LB Global Biomedical Research introduces the Web 3 model, which combines biomedical technology with emerging FinTech, and officially launched LB. 100 million LBs will never be issued at a price of 1 LB = 0.1 USDT. LB is a biomedical pass-through that will promote the pass-through economy as the next-generation Internet digital economy. The LB community will also be an important support for its value, and will be a modern community shared and built by all members in the context of Web 3.0 era.

Reason 3: ESM User Group

The successful launch of LB is due to the full support of all ESM users. In order to meet the different investment needs of ESM users, the platform started recruiting new passes and welcomed the launch of LB in the shortest time. After 2 months of anticipation, the users finally welcomed the launch of LB, which is bound to be enthusiastically sought after by the users, and the rush to purchase is expected.

Reason 4: AET’s successful experience

In view of the success of AET, ESM started to look for new passes and decided to launch LB as the first new pass to start the new year. Those who have invested in AET as well as the old users of ESM should be aware of the trend of AET. AET has brought super high returns to ESM users. AET has increased in value more than 700 times since its launch in July 2022, making investors a big profit. Currently, AET is in the repurchase period, and this repurchase will further enhance the appreciation of AET, giving investors another opportunity to make money. Driven by AET and with the strong support of ESM users, LB may create another “wealth creation” miracle.

Reason 5: A series of Marketing Campaigns for LB has received enthusiastic response

To prepare for the launch of LB, ESM and LB have launched a series of marketing campaigns, including membership fee reduction, membership and quality user bonus activities, LB subway line 10 punch card and other activities that have been well received by users, which also reflects the high interest of users and investors in LB. With the early activities, LB is set to go live this Thursday (Feb. 2) and will definitely be a “big seller”.

Compared to $20,000+ bitcoin, LB is priced at just 0.1 USDT. With such a low price and the current market conditions, why not invest in it and make a profit?