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Save the Date for LB Official Launch on ESM: February 2nd 2023

According to the latest official announcement, LB is scheduled to make its official and exclusive launch on ESM on February 2nd, 2023.

It is reported that the total supply of LB will be 100 million LB, with the issue price of 1LB = 0.1 USDT. The first two days of LB launch will be in the form of limited sale, with 5 million LB released on the first day, 10 million LB released on the second day, and unlimited sale from the third day onwards, and the purchase privilege is open to all users.

At the same time, to welcome the launch of LB, ESM platform will launch a series of promotional activities. At present, activities such as membership fee price discounts, membership and premium user reward activities, and giveaways prizes are in full swing, so hurry up to participate and wait for LB to go online on February 2 and officially open for purchase together.

Activity 1: Discount on Membership Fees 
The official announcement of ESM said that the year-end membership fee promotion will be held on December 13, and the VIP membership fee is only 88 USDT. This promotion is only applicable to the registration of ordinary VIP members, and the Black Diamond VIP membership fee remains unchanged at 2,000 USDT. First come, first served.
On February 2nd, 2023, the first two days of the LB launch will be in the form of a limited sale. Members will have the right to purchase the LB first, as soon as it goes live. In addition, members also enjoy discounted withdrawal fees.

Activity 2: Membership and Premium User Reward Activities.
According to the official announcement, the details are as follows: 

1. 50 USDT will be given to new users who register, and the registration bonus can be used after 24 hours when the user makes a one-time deposit of 500 USDT and successfully buys LB. 

2. In addition, the inviter will get 10 USDT after the invitee has successfully purchased LB, and this bonus will be paid to the account at the beginning of each month in the form of monthly settlement. Furthermore, w users invite others to become VIP members, they can get a 40% bonus from the platform, which will be issued to their accounts at the

beginning of each month on a monthly basis. The invitation relationship is limited to one level, when the invited person invites the next level person to become a member, the first level initiator shall not be rewarded. 

Members’ rights and benefits: 

1. 20 USDT will be sent to the new registered users after they successfully purchase VIP membership (one time only); 

2. The rewards will be issued to the account at the beginning of each month in the form of monthly settlement.

Activity 3: LB has launched a card-punching activity to win a prize.

From January 1st to January 31st, 2023, the photography element is based on LB, and the excellent photography works are selected based on the elements of composition, fashion, hilarity, and New Year’s flavor, etc. ESM will select 10 best photographers every week, and award the first photographer 200 USDT; the second 100 USDT; the third 50 USDT; the fourth to tenth 30 USDT each. The results will be announced every Monday at 17:00. Contact the ESM community for more information about the event.

Please stay tuned to ESM and LB for more preview activities.