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Similar to the Litecoin Back Back AET Buy Back Will Drive Up the Price of AET

While the token prices of almost all major cryptocurrencies have fallen recently, Litecoin has surged in price, rising more than 30% in the last 30 days to become the 13th largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. By comparison, the market capitization of Bitcoin is down 17% and Ethereum is down 15% over the same period.

The main driver of the month-long upward spike in Litecoin may be related to the token’s upcoming “halving”, tentatively scheduled for August 2023. As the halving of the token approaches, investors may see a huge breakout upward trend in their holdings of the token in the future.

Back in 2011, Litecoin was originally created as a form of “Bitcoin Lite”. While there are some key differences between the two cryptocurrencies, the halving feature of regularly adding new tokens to the current cyclical supply has not changed, with new tokens being added approximately every four years. The first halving of Litecoin occurred in 2015, and the second halving will occur in 2019. The timing of each halving is algorithmically programmed and cannot be changed by anyone.

So why is “halving” important to investors?

Firstly, the halving provides investors with a simple way to take advantage of market opportunities. By knowing that the market rules are halved every four years, investors can prepare accordingly. If the last halving of the Litecoin occurred in 2019, then it can be roughly projected that the next halving will most likely occur in August 2023.

Secondly, the precise algorithmic nature of the halving makes it relatively easy to model the supply and demand for Litecoin.

Overall, investors can now study the token through historical data. At the time, when LiteCoin was launched in 2011, the impact of the halving was purely theoretical. The purpose was to allow the total volume of LiteCoin to decrease over time. In practice, the token may appear to have started to appreciate before the halving, and then accelerated in price after it started.

Recently AET has started two consecutive buybacks. The AET token was launched on July 25 2022 exclusively on ESM with an opening price of 1ACU.When AET first launched, AET adopted a limited purchase method for members, which was well received by AET members. The rush to buy AET brought a wave of enthusiasm to the long-silent investment market, and the continuous rise of AET also gave early investors a very high return on their investment, and AET members enjoyed the right of first refusal to buy. AET members also  gained membership rights, which increased their enthusiasm to buy.

Within a short period of 4 months, early investors were able to earn a hundredfold return, after which the price of AET began to fall and adjust, and the first official buyback was launched. The ACU group is intentional in making the value of the AET healthier and sustainable  AET investors get a higher and more stable income return.

This week, the second buyback of AET was officially launched on November 21 at 10:00 p.m. The buyback price was 92.66 USDT. Based on the price trend of AET after the last buyback and the experience of the rally of Litecoin, this buyback will certainly drive the price of AET higher and create another high return for investors.