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Stable Trading With Long-lasting Returns: AET is Worth Waiting For

At present, AET is still in the buyback period, and the official reopening time has not yet been confirmed, so investors who have been waiting for a long time still need to wait patiently.

It is understood that AET opened a buyback on November 21 at 92.66 USDT, which is also the second buyback since the launch of AET. The first buyback of AET was the day after the launch, and on July 25, AET was officially launched on ESM with an opening price of 1ACU. 

In accordance with the established rules before the launch, the platform bought back the AET for a total of 700,000 units. After the first buyback, AET came back online and kept breaking the all-time high price. Now, more than four months after the launch, the price of AET has soared more than 700 times.  Early investors have gained high returns. In order to make the value of AET have more room for improvement and let more users enjoy the high investment return of AET, AET started the second round of buyback.

Stock repurchases are common in industries such as securities and notes, and are used to resolve hostile takeover crises, improve shareholder returns, and raise share prices. In other industries, buybacks can be considered a “good idea”, but they are not a long-term solution. In the case of AETs, repurchases are at the core of the AET so that AET can continue to drive the value and price of the AET upwards.

The AET public chain will be officially launched in 2022, and under the maintenance and operation of the AET Foundation, the AET public chain is committed to becoming the world’s No. 1 financial application payment public chain that supports the basic functions of issuance, exchange, and payment of AET. The advantage of the AET public chain is that in addition to the three conventional consensus mechanisms of POW, POS, and DPOS, the master node technology with additional veto power is included. 

The unique ability of master nodes to reject or discard certain blocks that are obsolete or have been maliciously manipulated and to shape the way the network operates with their voting power helps to operate as a check and balance mechanism, bringing fairness and objectivity to the entire network system. Master node technology also solves the problem of scalability of the AET public chain. This is a unique feature of the AET public chain.

AET public chain provides technical support for AET, coupled with AET’s pass-through economy and community governance. The key to the success of AET lies in the community governance of AET, and the AET Foundation initiated the establishment of AET in the hope of building an autonomous, independent, open and fair community ecology in the AET ecosystem. The AET Foundation establishes a global blockchain network value distribution system with AET as the core and establishes a community governance system for the global flow of AET. The AET community has a strong community consensus and the holders of AET are the real owners of the AET community.

With the basic governance system established, AET ecology has continuously upgraded the membership benefits. This buyback is also an expansion of AET members’ rights and benefits and allows AET members to earn higher investment returns through the continuous improvement of AET value. At the same time, AET Community is also actively recruiting more members providing more diversified rights and benefits for members. The AET Community continuously enhances community cohesion and builds AET Community into a community-based business organization where AET holders govern, share and build together.