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Successful Token Launch: Overwhelming Response with 10 Million LB Sold Out.

After the first launch of 5 million LBs yesterday, ESM opened 10 million LBs for trading today, and as of today, all of today’s open quota has been sold out. 

From tomorrow onwards, LBs will no longer be limited and will be open to all users in unlimited quantities. According to the ESM market, the current price of LB is 0.26U, an increase of 44.2%. Yesterday, LB opened at 0.1U and the highest price reached 0.18U. In two days of opening, LB price has increased nearly 3 times. With the purchase volume fully opened, driven by LB ecology and LB supporters, LB price is expected to follow LB value, achieve continuous growth and keep hitting new all time highs. 

The popularity of LB reflects the sentiment of LB holders: holders see the value and they are confident in the dev team and the LB community. 

LB Global Biomedical Research introduces the Web3 model, combining biomedical technology with emerging financial technology, and formally launched LB. 100 million LBs is the total maximum supply. The LB is a biomedical pass, a circulation “password” in the LB ecosystem. The LB ecosystem is solid. The early builders of LB have devoted themselves to building the LB ecosystem pushing forward the development of LB and increasing the value of LB, while the participants have also gained greater returns from the growth of LB value.

The LB community will be a new form of community in the Web3 era, which is a new economic system built and shared by users and builders, in which users are the center, contributors and profiteers of the system. The community is the driving force for the continuous increase of LB value, and all the builders who participate in the LB ecosystem will gain huge returns from the growth of LB value.

At the beginning of 2023, the newly launched LB welcomed the New Year and the Bitcoin price returned to around $24,000 again. With the market warming up, holding the LB eco-code may be the first code to wealth in 2023. Scan the QR code below to get the LB community ticket and start a new journey of future wealth together.