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Take control of the future with LB Biomedical Passes in hand

Driven by the power of global technology, the pass-through economy represented by LB is bound to bring a new round of digital economic revolution, thus creating a new era of human history.

Pass-through refers to a negotiable digital equity credential, which is a blockchain credential that integrates various attributes such as a monetary attribute, a value attribute, an honor attribute, a security attribute and a confirmation attribute established through cryptography technology, consensus rules, smart contracts and application objectives.

As a digital credential, a pass generally has three characteristics: negotiable, provable, and valuable, i.e., pass, certificate and value. 

The value network carried by blockchain greatly expands the circulation of digital assets, allowing them to be traded and settled in real time around the world around the clock; pass also refers to universality, as the proof of interest of crypto digital assets, pass has very wide universality. 

The proof is the core attribute of a pass, which is made traceable and immutable through blockchain using cryptographic algorithms and distributed bookkeeping mechanisms. Value is the market attribute of a pass, and as a carrier of value, the value attribute of a pass comes from the recognition of its value endorser’s credit by the pass ecosystem, i.e., community consensus. For the past ecological and economic value the measure of its value is not the so-called maximization of shareholders’ interests, but the maximization of the overall market value of the pass economy, the maximization of the interests of all stakeholders in the pass ecological economy, and the maximization of the value of the pass as a whole. LB biomedical pass-throughs have all three attributes at the same time, and all participants in the LB ecosystem will benefit from the growth of LB value.

In a pass-through economy, the pass-through will always be rewarded to the participants who contribute to the ecosystem, and the consumers will become the beneficiaries, and the business system designed and built around the “pass-through” is the real future trend. LB is a foundation pass issued by the LB Foundation, which operates globally with a focus on Asia. LB Foundation is based on the proceeds of LB Global Biomedical Research. Based on LB Global Biomedical Research’s focus on developing a range of different technology platforms including autologous and allogeneic antigen receptor T cells, T cell receptor (TCR-T), and natural killer (NK) cell immunotherapies, LB Global Biomedical Research introduced the Web 3 model, combining biomedical technology with emerging fintech technology, to officially launch the LB pass. LB will soon be launched on ESM, with a limited sale in the first two days, 5 million passes on the first day, 10 million on the second day, and an unlimited sale on the third day, open to all users for purchase.

 Grab the first wealth code in 2023. The pass-through economy gains an audience by changing production relations, and LB gains ecological participants by transforming the proceeds of global biomedical research into pass-throughs. In order to welcome the launch of LB, ESM simultaneously opens the activity of pulling new and sending rewards. 

Scan the QR code below to inquire about the details of the activity, to participate in the construction of LB, gain revenue, seize the first opportunity and understand the future.