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Time to Get Onboard: AET

The best time to invest in AET is here.

According to the latest official news, the second buyback of AET was officially launched at 10:00 on November 21, at buyback price of 92.66 USDT. 

This is the second buyback of AET since it was launched in July. The first buyback was completed on the second day of the launch, and the platform immediately activated the buyback mechanism as the price of AET quickly surged by more than 100 times due to the high investment fever. 

Now, nearly 4 months after the launch of AET, the price of AET has increased by more than 700 times compared with the opening price. In order to make AET more valuable for investment and to provide investors with longer-term returns, AET has started buying back again.

At the time of the first buyback, early investors of AET earned more than 100 times the return. Since the buyback, the price of AET has continued to rise steadily, setting new all-time highs. In order to make the value of the AET sustainable, and to provide investors with higher and more stable income returns, the AET started a second buyback. Based on the previous trend of AETs and the rising price of AETs after the first buyback, there will be another boom in AET investment after this buyback.

AET’s rising price is not only a credit to AET investors but also a reward for the long-term efforts of the AET community, whose enthusiasm for buying has been driving the price of AET upward. The rush to buy AET brought a wave of enthusiasm to the long-silent investment market, and the continuous rise of AET also gave early investors a very high return on their investment, and AET members enjoyed the right of first refusal and gained membership rights, which increased their enthusiasm to buy.

From the last buyback, the value of AET has been supported by a large number of fans, which in turn has driven the price of AET upwards. When the price of AET had increased more than 700 times, a large number of investors were in a wait-and-see situation and did not dare to invest at high price levels. The AET Community’s buyback is to ensure the sustainability of the AET’s value and to give more investors the best opportunity to buy the AET.