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Top New Currencies Growth In Comparison to LB’s Amazing Performance

With Bitcoin back on a rise and the market warming up, could this be a forecast for every new coin seeing gains and performing well? Let’s take a look at the price performance of some of the hottest new coins and see who is the best of the best.

The first one is LB, which has recently been a big hit in the community and has received a lot of attention. LB officially went online at the beginning of this month with ESM, opening at 0.1U. As of now, the current price of LB is 0.63U, which also happens to be its highest price. In just over 20 days since its launch, LB has achieved a growth of 6 times. LB took a limited sale two days before its launch, and the price had risen to more than 2 times. On February 4, LB completed a 3-fold increase; on February 7, LB achieved a 4-fold increase; on February 9, LB achieved a 5-fold increase, and then oscillated steadily at around 0.5U. On February 17, it rose to over 0.6U. Up to now, LB has been oscillating around 0.6U for nearly a week. Based on LB’s previous trend and market development, LB may usher in a new breakthrough in the near future. Some users in the ESM community predict that the price of LB will reach 1U in the near future, it is only a matter of time before we see whether this prediction is accurate.

The new coins on the platform are GNS, OSMO, GMX, LEVER, MAGIC, HOOK, RPL, STG, OP and SYN. OSMO opened at 1.04U and is now at 1.02U. LEVER is the only coin that broke on the day it went live, opening at 0.001445U, with a low of 0.001113U and now at 0.0028U, an increase of nearly two times. Outside of that, GNS, GMX, RPL and SYN all rose slightly. In addition to the above 6 coins, MAGIC, HOOK, STG and OP have seen exponential growth. OP is no longer considered a new coin as it was launched in June 2022 with an opening price of 1.44U and had reached a high price of 3.88U on that day, the current low price is 0.395U and the current price is 2.8U, up 2 times from the opening price and 7 times from the lowest price, but is still less than the highest price on that record setting day. STG went live in August 2022 with an opening price of 0.337U and reached its highest price of 1.38U on February 18, now at 1.13U – nearly quadrupling in value since its opening price 6 months prior. HOOK was launched on December 1, 2022, with an opening price of 0.1U, and reached an all-time high of 4.1U on February 6, 2023, with a current price of 2.57U. HOOK is currently the only coin that has risen more than LB, by more than 20 times in the last three months, but within a month of its launch, HOOK has risen by about 10 times. It is still worth looking forward to seeing whether LB can surpass this increase.

In comparison, we can see that even though the market is picking up, there are still new coins that are in a broken state, and coins that have risen slightly which account for more than half of the total. It is not common to see coins like LB that have risen 6 times in more than 20 days of being online. LB has become a new force in the market, driven by the growth in value. The rise of LB is due to the increase in LB’s intrinsic value. The intrinsic driver of LB’s value growth is the LB community, and the belief of the community will support LB’s value. In the pre-launch period of LB, a series of pre-launch activities such as Beijing Subway punch card activity and members’ big price reduction have accumulated extremely high popularity for LB. With the strong support from investors and ESM users, LB gains both in value and a price increase. With the power of community, LB’s future upside is more worthy of expectation and will bring even amazing performance to investors and the market.