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Upward Momentum, How Is The Legendary LB Achieved?

So far, more than 20 days online, LB has been continuously rising and has always maintained a strong upward momentum.

Perhaps you have followed closely that the rise and fall of Bitcoin often drives the entire market direction. The majority of coins are highly linked, and there will always be a rise and a fall. But there are always exceptions which are often the most easily overlooked.

Since February 2, LB, which has been online for less than a month, has remained up even as Bitcoin has fallen and has continued to do so, with the coin price once rising from 0.1U to over 0.6U. After the coin price reached a new high, LB would see a brief downward adjustment, followed by another new high. So the question arises, what has created the miracle of LB’s continuous rise since its launch?

Value comes from strength, the unchanging truth of pass-throughs

Since the wildfire of the pass-through economy, the war of pass-throughs has been a constant battle, with numerous followers and innovators. But in the end, what we perceive is that their value comes from the platform and ecology behind them. In more general terms, since passes are backed by a pass system, the stronger the pass, the higher the value it will receive. If the pass system is not recognized by users, or if it is just a trend that explodes for a while – even if the operation is strategically planned, it will not be able to maintain the value of the pass in the long run.

Take LB’s pass as an example, LB is called Legendary Biotechnology, issued by LB Foundation, and is a basic pass based on the results of LB Global Biomedical Research, with LB Foundation’s global operations centered in Asia. The total number of LB tokens issued amounts to 100 million and will never be increased, with an launch price of 1 LB = 0.1 USDT.

In late 2019, the new COVID-19 virus ravaged the world. In the struggle against the virus, people continued to seek solutions and gradually realized the importance of the biomedical industry. With the introduction of vaccines and new drugs, people are more deeply aware that the development of the biopharmaceutical industry is closely related to everyone and affects the common fate of all human beings. The LB ecology will not only be built by LB members, but will also share the fruits of their labor with the community including the future value of LB.

The future value of LB will not only be enhanced by the biomedical industry, but also by Web 3. Regardless of who becomes the leader in the future, LB will take advantage of the momentum.

Focus on the value of use, the key that opens the door to the 100x pass

At the beginning of 2023, although the whole Crypto Market is seeing a wave of upward movement, not every coin is rising. The new coins on the shelves of Cryptocurrency and OKX did not have significant performance, while LB rose more than 6 times – which is a rare occurrence.

LB was officially launched on ESM Yuanlefang on February 2, with an opening price of 0.1U. According to the platform announcement, LB took the form of limited sale in the first two days of launch. On the first day of the launch, 5 million tokens were offered for sale; on the second day of the launch, 10 million tokens were offered for sale. From the market feedback and the official announcement, the 15 million tokens offered on the first two days were sold out in a very short time. After the end of the limited purchase, LB started the unrestricted purchase mode and the rising momentum remained.

On February 3, LB price reached a maximum of 0.29U, an increase just short of 3 times; on February 4, LB completed a 3-fold increase; on February 7, LB achieved a 4-fold increase; on February 9, LB completed another 5-fold increase, and then oscillated steadily around 0.5U. On February 17, it rose to over 0.6U.

LB is a product of the combination of biomedical research and Web 3. The LB community wants to build a community in the context of the Web 3 era. The members of the community are masters of the ecology, and all members work together to build and govern the community, while sharing the results of their own creation and receiving rewards. Members of the LB community are both participants and builders of the LB ecology, as well as investors, owners and value-sharers of LB. LB passwords are carriers of value, and their value attributes come from the recognition of the credit of the password ecology to its value backers. For the pass ecological economy, the measure of its value is not the so-called maximization of shareholders’ interests, but the maximization of the overall market value of the pass economy, the maximization of the interests of all stakeholders in the pass ecological economy, and the maximization of the value of the entire pass. Such an ecology is a benign self-developing and evolving ecology that is built, shared and co-existing.

The value of a pass lies to a large extent in how it empowers the ecosystem. As the LB community grows and the ecology improves, the value of LB will be further reflected in the coin price.

The increase in LB’s coin price is a reflection of its inherent energy. As the LB community grows, the price of LB will rise even higher.