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Welcome the First Biopharmaceutical Pass ESM started the New Pulling Bonus Campaign

ESM’s new incentive campaign is now in full swing, so don’t miss out on the opportunity!

The news that ESM is going to launch the Biomedical Pass LB soon has spurred an enthusiastic response from investors. In order to welcome the launch of the first biomedical pass LB, ESM has started rewarding activities for members and premium users at the same time. 

For new users, ESM offers registration and invitation incentives. New users will receive 50 USDT upon successful registration, and new users who invite others to register and purchase LB will also receive 10 USDT as an invitation bonus. 

For members, ESM offers different membership benefits. For new members, ESM Dollar Store gives a 20 USDT bonus. Both new and existing members can enjoy the withdrawal handling fee – 1 USDT for the TRC20 chain and 20 USDT for the ERC20 chain. In addition, members can enjoy a 40% rebate on their referral transaction handling fee. Affiliate members can receive a 40% commission rebate from the platform after inviting others to become VIP members. 

Please scan the QR code to join our community to learn more about our event details and reward programs. 

LB is the first premium project initiated by ESM. The LB Foundation is an Asia-focused global business based on the proceeds of LB Global Biomedical Research. The LB pass will be issued in a limited quantity of 100 million tokens and will never be reissued, with an issue price of 1 LB = 0.1 USDT.

At present, ESM’s “number one” pass, AET, is in a  buyback phase. In order to meet the different needs of users and continuously improve their returns, ESM has started onboarding quality projects to enter the market. AET has brought superb investment returns to ESM users. Since its launch in July, AET has generated more than 700 times the return, making AET investors a great profit. This buyback will further enhance the appreciation of AET, giving investors another opportunity to earn returns. 

With the momentum of the AET, ESM has started to onboard more quality passes, and the first pass is the biomedical pass LB, which is believed to create another “wealth creation” miracle with the support of ESM users. Other passes that need to be circulated globally can also contact ESM. With our strong strength and rich experience, ESM will quickly promote your pass to the world.

For new users of ESM, the sign-up bonus is the first bonus reward.ESM has been continuously optimizing its member benefits by upgrading its member rewards program from time to time, offering rewards, discounts, priority purchase rights, or other special incentives. With the launch of the new pass, ESM will provide more investment options for its members and allow them to achieve higher investment returns.