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Why Is AET Against The Trend Of The General Decline In The Currency Market?

On November 9, the cryptocurrency market celebrated its “119”.

Influenced by the FTX incident, the market value and coin price of the entire cryptocurrency market plummeted on November 9, and the “King of Coins” Bitcoin, and the “King of Public Chains” Ethereum were also unable to escape the plunge. According to the market, the total market value of the cryptocurrency market started to fall from USD 2.03 trillion in the early hours of November 9 to USD 843.8 billion in the early hours of November 10, and the whole market fell by nearly 60%. At the same time, Bitcoin and Ethereum all fell to different degrees. According to ESM quotes, on the 9th, Bitcoin prices fell from above $20,000 all the way down to $3,000 in 2 hours, and by 6:00 on the 10th, Bitcoin prices fell to above $15,000, the lowest price for Bitcoin in nearly two years. Similarly, while the price of Bitcoin fell, the price of Ethereum also fell simultaneously. on the 9th, the price of Ethereum fell from above $1,500 to near $1,100, and when Bitcoin fell to its recent lowest price, the price of Ethereum fell to above $1,000, the lowest price in nearly five months.

When Bitcoin and Ethereum were hit hard and the market fell in general, we found that the Asian eco-pass AET was not affected too much, instead, AET kept rising all the way and kept reaching new all-time highs.

According to the quotation of the ESM platform, the price of AET was 708ACU in the early morning of the 9th, and on that day, the price of AET oscillated back and forth slightly between 700ACU-710ACU. When Bitcoin and Ethereum prices fell to recent lows and rebounded, AET began to rise sharply, constantly refreshing its highest price ever, from around 700ACU to 730ACU within two hours, and at around 20:00 on the 10th, AET price reached its highest price ever, 740ACU. Then, AET began to oscillate slightly around 730ACU. At present, the current price of AET is 732ACU, slightly down 0.4%.

While investors of Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies lost a lot of money, investors in AET kept their wallets and even earned more as the price of AET reached new highs. It is reported that on July 25, 2022, AET was officially launched on ESM with an opening price of 1ACU, and now it has risen more than 700 times in more than three months, with early investors earning a hundredfold gain.

AET investors are fortunate to escape this crash.AET is a community-driven technology, AET holders are the real owners of the AET community. The AET public chain was officially launched in 2022, under the maintenance and operation of the AET community, the AET public chain is committed to becoming the world’s number one financial application payment public chain, AET is issued by the AET community based on the AET. It is the basic pass-through of the global pass-through economy and financial ecology issued by the AET community. At the beginning of the design, the AET community put the rights and interests of AET members in first place. At the beginning of the launch, AET was only open to AET members in order to enable AET members to invest in AET and get priority purchase rights the first time. 

Since its launch, the AET community has continued to optimize members’ rights and benefits to enable different users to get higher returns from various aspects. In mid-October, the AET Membership Rewards Program was upgraded again, and the AET Coin Deposit Program was officially launched, allowing AET coin-holding users to gain more income. In the three months since the launch of AET, the AET community has gained strong support from AET users by continuously upgrading AET membership rights and benefits to AET investors, making the price of AET rise day by day. In the future, the AET community will continue to optimize membership rights and benefits, so that more investors who join AET can get more benefits and grow together with the AET community, and finally accomplish the mission of establishing a global financial infrastructure based on the concept of a pass-through economy.

FTX’s fiasco has spread the pessimism of many cryptocurrency investors indefinitely, and the duration of the bear market has been stretched out again. Investors with AETs in hand successfully escaped this crash, and with the support of a strong AET community, AET investors may be able to smoothly survive several bear markets.